Spray Fito Works? Here is the truth we have discovered

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Losing weight is often a titanic feat. Choosing an ideal diet for your lifestyle and following it literally is the two biggest challenge.

In most cases, the lack of immediately visible results leads the person to interrupt their efforts. Returning to old eating habits, the figure we dreamt of getting left is only a mirage in the distance.

The cosmetics industry provides alternative solutions. Products such as Fito Spray are marketed with the promise of helping users to lose weight effortlessly. Their effectiveness, however, remains questionable. Before you buy it, then, you should understand if Fito Spray really works.

Producer promises

According to the manufacturer, Fito Spray has a long series of positive effects on our body.

Phyto Spray works perfectly, guaranteeing the Italian site; its creator dilutes in listing how the compound acts on metabolism, heart and immune system.

However, you cannot find a contact address on this page. Research leads us to another site. The content is similar to what we’ve already seen before; this Fito Spray page also works fine. The two domains belong to a Polish marketing company and an international media group.

Even in Russia, the place of origin of this remedy, there are people who are prepared to swear that Fito Spray works and is the definitive solution. Several bloggers and consumers, probably affiliated with the producer himself, claim that they have lost dozens of kilos thanks to this mix of natural elements.

Composition and Active Principles

The list of ingredients that make up Fito Spray can only be described as a jumble of natural extracts with vague effects.  According to the advertising material accompanying the product, Fito Spray works solely thanks to the interactions between these active ingredients:

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The truth is different, with studies and clinical trials highlighting the lack of effects on weight loss and the possible toxicity of the extract. Garcinia Cambodia, which is taken regularly, appears to cause liver damage.

In an experiment, the extract of this plant and a placebo were administered to two groups of overweight people. The weight loss of individual individuals has not been affected by the different treatments.

The extraction process, often carried out using high temperature techniques, further reduces the amount of vitamins and nutrients that our body is able to absorb. The result is a dose of active ingredient so low that it is negligible.

The side effects of this substance may be dangerous. Even when taken in small doses, caffeine can reduce bronchodilatation in asthmatics. Older women who regularly take caffeine are also more exposed to the risk of osteoporosis.

Goji berries are sold, especially in the United States, as superfood to which a plethora of benefits are attributed. None of them have ever been verified through scientific analysis, although the fruit does not seem to have side effects. 

Testimonials and Results

Outside the network of “consumers” clearly affiliated with the manufacturer, Fito Spray does not seem to have been very successful. Several people looking for a slimming solution have tried the product, sharing an experience full of disappointments and unanswered questions.

The network provides us again with a good number of examples. Pages such as Al Female to comments to various independent blogs report various pains, puffiness, increased weight and inability to contact the company for a refund or explanations.

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The administrators of the same Russian site mentioned above were obliged to deactivate the section of their page dedicated to comments. Dozens of negative reviews peep between the retouched photos and unreliable promises.

If Fito Spray really works as well as they say, such a maneuver seems to be more self-harm than effective.

In Conclusion

After this lengthy analysis, the time has come to answer the question we asked ourselves at the beginning: does Fito Spray work, then?

The answer can only be ‘no’. This slimming solution does not work, it has the potential to do so. Most of the ingredients contained in it do not directly affect digestion processes. Some, such as mango, can be a source of calories if consumed in excessive amounts.

Finally, there is one last concept to remember. Weight loss is a medical process that requires attention, continuous monitoring and the right supply of nutrients. Relying on solutions like Fito Spray is not only ineffective, m

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