Organic Chlorella & Organic Spirulina?

In spite of your presence on the Earth before you appear, Spirulina will quite recently launch your remarks on the scientist’s remarks, potentially as a potential human being about the substances from the life.Spirulina can be successfully used as a home-made medicine for rhinitis, coughing and sinusitis.Spirulina is rich in a blue colour pigment – a phycocyanin?, which makes it possible to use an amino acid ganja to produce a neurotransmitter?.Chlorella is rich in helixes, and our bodies can digest them and they can eat them?It contains a lot of chlorophyll, which has a very beneficial effect on blood processes.It is possible to call it a name after the food, vitamins, minera or other ingredients are included in the food.Despite the fact that the spiruline provides a lot of vitamins and adicum to the body, it is not intended for everyone.Research at the University of Rjasthan, India, tells you that the spirulina can protect your kidneys from toxic effects and reversal of damage to your home.Spirulina is one of the simplest forms of life?Vitamin B12? Which is vitamin B12, which is a very important vitamin? in the diet of vegetarian? why is vitamin B12 very important?

The spiruline in the form of tablets is? Attack to the dead.Belay, A., 2002. The potential application of Spirulina (Arthrospira) as a nutritional and therapeutic supplement in health management.Modern technology of making this fish food by tableting (no heat treatment) causes that material keeps its properties in 100%.Supplements used, including lecithol, have a very good impact on appropriate metabolism and proper development of fish fed.This is a process that allows you to keep all the adjectives from alive, deprive ropes of water only.Enjoy rich in natural adjectives from the benefits of living diets for your health and that of your family.In many cases, life will be helpful in recovering from diseases, as if after cancer.At this point it is necessary to indicate, and also to introduce the act on tax on goods? in and us. How can the implementing regulations not define it: juice?,? aloes?,? vegetable?,? ro? ro? ro? lina?The price of spirulina is not among the most important.In every single tablet of Spirulina there is a lot of vitamins and mint?

It is an excellent healing aid for the healing of the skin – it makes me disappointed by the other presence of zinc, chlorophyll, antioxidant and fikocyanin (blue colorant in cyanides).It is a good diet for convalescent diets, vegetarians and seniors.In the pond no algae does not sound like a perfect gourmet sow for gourmets, is it the tens of thousands of people every day of w? does it fit into your diet.How do we read in the aforementioned decision of the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA):? classification opinions of the body? in public statistics, including the interpretation of the standard in statistical nomenclatures and nomenclatures, isn’t it for the tax authority or the taxpayer?This alga is a product of ca. naturally, do not contain any adjective substances in toxic or pesticides?As a result of this discovery, we find an answer to the question why in nature it is dominating, not the two colours.Scientists believe that it is not a problem for the fikocyanin contained in the spirulins, the image of blood and blood and blood cells in Chernobyl children treated with spirulins will improve significantly.That’s why their work is more efficient, and we feel less painful.

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is a common variety, the usual Spirulina Platensis, obtained through a year old selection process and a unique production method.The purchase of spirulins is recommended to people with anemi? reduce their resistance to disease, antibiotic therapy and people with pancreatic diseases,? o? dka, kidneys and offal.Spirulina benefits the maintenance of this lipid and sugar economy, prevents overnight.Bio Spirulina s? r. r. d. is a valuable vitamin for the B group (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12), assimilable? elaza, natural iodine, macro- and microelement? in, potassium, selenium and unsaturated acid (GLA? natural acid?).Contains the available iodine iodine necessary for production of hormones in the thyroid gland, which is not a key role in the regulation of basic metabolism and thermogenesis, and at the same time it is a condition of correctness and functioning of nerve tissue and asthma.Spirilina and chorella should not be accepted by women, breastfeeding women? and children?At low activity, these enzymes may develop in toxic and free radicals caused by these substances, which may be caused in DNA by the development of cancer.For the application of dried seaweed powder with a green-blue colour.

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