Intoxic – a reliable solution against parasites and helminths!

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Cleanses your organism of parasites and worms only in 1 courseCleans your organism of parasites and worms only in 1 courseCures and protects against parasites in the liver, heart, lungs, stomach and skin, eliminates putrefaction in the intestine and neutralizes parasitograge eggs thanks to the extract of clove budsProtects your organism against parasitic infections


Paralyzes the nervous system of worms and parasites and eliminates putrefaction in the organs


It destroys pathogenic viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Bear bile

It easily dissolves and expels more than 300 types of parasites and also the remains of their decomposition and worms’ eggs.


Protects the body, increases immunity, cleanses the skin. Improves sleep and memory. Take away fatigue.

Almost every person has parasites of one species or another, and all of them in one way or another affect human health. Do you feel tired after a fairly normal day’s work? Do you have a general feeling of discomfort, weakness, elevated fatigue, and recurrent chest or abdominal pain? If at least one of these factors manifests itself for no apparent reason, then it is time to sound the alarm! 97% of the time – these are the symptoms of parasitic infestations. 97% of the time – these are the symptoms of parasitic infestations. today, there is a great variety of antiparasitic agents present in the pharmacological market, but they create degenerative IRREVERSIBLE processes in the human body, even though they only eliminate 15-20% of The remaining analogous remedies are intended only to eliminate only the symptoms caused by parasites, which in turn make it possible to quickly and continuously destroy YOUR BODY without any visible manifestations! the Intoxic remedy was developed specifically for the complete elimination of parasites from YOUR body, without harming your health. The complex of native extracts fights against all kinds of parasites and, most importantly, it does so without damaging your body. as shown by massive clinical trials, only Intoxic completely eliminates the parasitic infestation of the organism and acts directly in reinforcing the results. That is, after the treatment is finished, the chance of getting infected by parasites is almost NONE!

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The main composition of the Intoxic formula is the dry extract of clove buds – it is a unique natural component that suppresses fermentation and putrefaction in the intestine and is also effective against both adult parasites and egg production.

In addition, the dry extract of the flowers of tanaceto – well established as an antibacterial and antihelmintic, and dry extract of wormwood – with antiparasitic effect, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine glands, improves digestion… Intoxic – was developed by the best minds of modern medicine, for now it is the only one in the merdaco of pharmacology

I recommend it to anyone over the age of 30. Even the people who look healthy. Parasites live inside each person, and they are gradually eroding the body. A cancerous tumor eats any “red-cheeked hero” in a matter of months. And after he shows up – it’s too late. We must act first. And so far the only effective treatment options, unlike expensive in-hospital procedures – “Intoxic” capsules.

Juan Penas

Toxicologist of the highest category,”. M. N.

Work experience: 38 years

Beatriz, Barcelona

THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a good product! Our son was constantly ill – dermatitis was not the worst. First he suffered from constipation, following diarrhoea, lack of appetite, pale, had constant mucus and stomach pains. We tried everything! We have already decided to start taking the “adult” medications. Fortunately, one day the aunt who lived in Scotland came to visit us, she looked at him, and immediately determined what was happening to her. That’s what life experience means! She was the one who advised us on Intoxic. Sir! Sir! A month later, the child was not recognized. It is healthy, strong and active! And most importantly, he has a desire for learning! Now I’m watching that no parasite will ruin our lives!

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Debora, Valencia

In 2011, I’m facing the problem of opistorchiasis. At the time, my condition was critical. It all started with the fact that I felt tired and tired.

Anežka Marešová
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